1st Floor - Heart & Soul Cafe

1st Floor - Heart & Soul Cafe

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How You Can Help

Make a Monthly Pledge (any amount) for Cafe

Click here to make a monthly donation for the cafe!

Cafe Kitchen Installation

Help build the cafe kitchen! Help contribute toward the building and installation of the cafe countertop, specialized sinks, voltage preparation, and the front face of the cafe.

Support a Japanese cafe staff member

Our Japanese cafe staff will be the face of the cafe - the warm welcome, the kind voice to share the vision of the cafe, and the relational inroad for the gospel. Funds are needed to support their ministry at the cafe.

Cafe Furniture

Chairs, tables, and decorations are needed to help create a warm and inviting environment for the cafe.

Cafe Supplies

What's a cafe without coffee and cups and sugar and napkins and filters and other supplies? Help provide these needed items for the cafe.

About This Project

Young people are facing great social and relational challenges in Japan today. They are in many ways the most vulnerable group in society. As many as one million young people are hikikomori. Hikikomori is a term to describe the large numbers of people refusing to study or work or even leave their homes during the day in total rejection of society. Young people are the fastest growing portion of the more than 30,000 people who commit suicide every year. In addition social problems such as ijime (bullying) and enjo kosai (teenage prostitution) make life feel unlivable or dangerous for many young people today. CBI Japan is seeking to establish a “safe space” for young people in the downtown Nagoya area called “The Heart & Soul Cafe.” This will be a place where young people can come to receive tutoring, practice various languages with native speakers, have fun in a safe environment, get to know others, receive counseling and learn about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It will include an English school, multi-media, and educational resources aimed at improving the lives of young people in downtown Nagoya. The cafe will be staffed mainly by staff (seminary students) and volunteers (both Japanese and foreigners).

Funds will go toward the building of the cafe kitchen, furnishing the cafe, and supporting Japanese cafe staff.


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