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Help purchase a video camera and equipment

This is the single most important piece of our media ministry - the camera and supporting equipment.

Support media room renovations

We have a great room on the 4th floor that has nice sound isolation for future interviews and podcasting and editing that needs to have built in shelves removed and a nice studio space set up for video work and interviews. Lights, furniture, carpeting, and other materials are needed for this renovation. The removal of current fixtures will be needed as well.

Media/Video Supplies

Hard drives, filters, and video editing software.


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About This Project

This floor houses the Media Ministry.
Our Media Ministry is a tool for
creating technology projects for and
with the youth of Nagoya, Japan. This will be both a key tool for reaching youth in the heart of the city of Nagoya, as well as a key tool for teaching about their lives and hearts to those who pray and care for them around the world.

Donations to this project are tax-deductible.

Project Owner

Friends of Nagoya Theological Seminary

Address 401 S. 42nd Street c/o Woodland Presbyterian
Philadelphia, PA 19104

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