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Haley will be joining the team for a two year term. Her job will include administration for the team, assistance to Michael Oh, teaching English, outreach projects, and anything else they can come up with for her to do! Being a missionary in Japan wasn’t exactly on her 5 year plan for her life until she heard Michael Oh speak at a missions conference in 2010. That was the first time she heard of the staggering need for the gospel in Japan, and through Michael’s testimony and other conference sessions, God clearly laid on her heart the call to be a small part of sharing that gospel. Although she can’t begin to imagine all the changes these two years will make in her life, she is excited to see what God has planned, and how His grace will be shown.

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Friends of Nagoya Theological Seminary

Address 401 S. 42nd Street c/o Woodland Presbyterian
Philadelphia, PA 19104

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